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Another Country wins Cheltenham Booker Prize

Another Country wins Cheltenham Booker Prize

Every year since 1994 The Times Cheltenham Literature Festival has hosted their own take on the Man Booker Prize. At this annual event a panel of judges debate which book published in a particular year (before the prize started), they would have chosen to win had it been running then. They have some local rules, including allowing American authors to be considered. 

This year Cheltenham looked back 50 years to an era of the Cuban Missile Crisis, The Beatles releasing their first single Love Me Do and Andy Warhol painting his famous cans of soup.

The list of books contested over were:

Year: 1962
Another Country by James Baldwin (Winner)
A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess
A Murder of Quality by John le Carre
Girl With Green Eyes by Edna O'Brien
The Golden Notebook by Doris Lessing

The judges:

Erica Wagner, Sam Leith, Katie Hickman, Bidisha and Sarah Churchwell.  

For more information about The Times Cheltenham Literature Festival, please visit their website.