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  1. Jim Crace has fun

    ... style it is a dark-and-stormy-night story with a group of people stranded in an abandoned lodge in the depths of winter. The play runs at ...

    Leah - 20.07.18

  2. The Man Booker's global appeal, Scottish independence and Martha Kearney's bees

    ... others in mind. “Being published means there are so many people in your head suddenly and you know exactly what they want and it isn't ...

    Leah - 20.07.18

  3. The upwardly mobile Man Booker

    ... and manages to stay on it a little bit longer than other people stay on it but eventually smashes into the cliff and dies, a hero. Then ...

    Leah - 20.07.18

  4. The Narrow Road to the Deep North by Richard Flanagan - Shortlist author interview

    ... on the Death Railway, a crime against humanity that saw more people die than the bomb killed at either Nagasaki or Hiroshima. If Basho's ...

    Leah - 20.07.18

  5. Weekly Roundup: A winner, a memoir and a film

    ... who performed the ceremony said of Achebe: “There are some people who cannot be buried.” Leon Leyson, one of the youngest ...

    Leah - 18.07.18

  6. Examining the books behind the 2012 Man Booker Prize Shortlist

    ... right hands places can be as rich a character as any of the people that appear in fiction. Will Self 's Umbrella on the other hand ...

    Natalie - 20.07.18

  7. Man Booker Prize 2011 shortlist - bound to impress

    ... blue leather, and silver tooling. Images that refer to the people and events described in the book have been collaged, then transfer ...

    SimonSingleton - 20.07.18

  8. The 2013 longlist is announced later today!

    ... the ranks of Time Magazine ’s 100 most influential people. Hilary Mantel was also in the spotlight once more earlier ...

    Leah - 20.07.18

  9. The Man Booker and the ballot box

    ... The general election may have been on most people’s minds of late but the 10 authors on the finalists’ list for the ... I think she’s watching her back, I think she probably has people who pretty much tell her what is appropriate for her to wear.’ The new ...

    Leah - 05.07.18

  10. Weekly Roundup: Failing, Plotting and Casting

    ... wasted whole years writing the wrong things for the wrong people.” Howard Jacobson (winner 2010) trumped them all by starting his ...

    Leah - 12.07.18