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  1. Man Booker Prize 2011 shortlist: A D Miller interview

    ... significant? ADM: Yes, because they encourage people to read and discuss books, none more so than the Man Booker. For anyone ... of anyone without powerful connections are real, as people who have spent time in Moscow will recognise. The details of the Metro, ...

    SimonSingleton - 18.07.18

  2. Longlist author insights

    ... some level the book is entirely about the various strategies people develop to bolster and maintain their mental toughness in golf and in ... I did start writing it, there was this idea of places and people associated with safety or shelter or comfort but simultaneously having ...

    Natalie - 20.07.18

  3. Dame Stella Rimington’s speech From the Man Booker Prize 2011

    ... banning of books - a new Index- instead of awarding a prize. People are still free to write their novels how they please, and publishers to ... response - the personal response of 5 very different people to the books they have in front of them. The Man Booker prize ...

    SimonSingleton - 20.07.18

  4. Beware of Joseph O'Neill

    ... a son of fun or a daughter of darkness?' but the one many people were probably waiting for was 'Do you use big words because you feel ...

    Leah - 25.08.18

  5. Philip Roth: 2011 Man Booker International Prize winner

    ... important as place became important and I wanted to see what people were like in these different places. London for one, Israel for another, ... I thought why not my own family. And so I tried to make the people in the book behave the way I imagined my immediate family, mother, ...

    SimonSingleton - 04.07.18

  6. Ishiguro channels Clint Eastwood

    ... somebody who belongs to a more violent world. And peaceful people need him when violence is needed, but he’s not really welcome in a ... Samurai tales I grew up on. If it’s conceivable that the people of the time had these superstitions or beliefs, then I would allow ...

    Leah - 20.07.18

  7. Longlist author insights - What has it been like to be longlisted?

    ... I long to discuss golf again. I love golf! I live for golf! People avoid me at bus stops. Ned Beauman : The effect on my sales ... and it's very strange to think of such a wide audience of people reading (and perhaps enjoying) what I had always thought of as such a ...

    Natalie - 18.07.18

  8. Is Lydia Davis a poet?

    ... nothing, or next to nothing. Some kind of flicker or tingle. People don't always like this word but it's done by art. There's some kind of ... understand it but it's art, and art is something some people have and some people don't.” This may seem unarguable to most ...

    Leah - 20.07.18

  9. Chigozie Obioma - Longlist author interview

    ... not wholly. The idea of Nigeria did not come from us—the people. It was foreign, external. We were on our own, doing our various things. We were many tribes and nations. Some of the people were farmers, some were herbalists, and even some fishermen. Then the ...

    Leah - 20.07.18

  10. The University of Man Booker

    ... reading age when, without electronic distractions, people could devote attention and time to complicated and multi-layered ...

    Leah - 03.08.18