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  1. The continued success of Man Booker Alumni

    ... and, back in 1985, Keri Hulme with The Bone People . Both will be featuring at the same event. Hulme very rarely makes ...

    Leah - 16.01.19

  2. Weekly Roundup: Nina Bawden, author of Carrie's War, dies

    ... part of the panel that picked Keri Hulme 's The Bone People ) and a nominee (in 1987 for Circles of Deceit ). Her novel ...

    Natalie - 14.01.19

  3. Normal People

    ... school Connell and Marianne affect not to know each other. People know that Marianne lives in the white mansion with the driveway and that ...

    Man Booker Prize - 24.07.18

  4. And the winner is...

    ... the prize, the first being Keri Hulme with The Bone People in 1985. A more important statistic is that earlier in the year ...

    Julia - 20.07.18

  5. Weekly Roundup: Booker Prize winner Barry Unsworth dies at 81

    ... this year, was in conversation with the  Other People podcast about writing and diverse subjects including urban cycling ...

    SimonSingleton - 02.11.18

  6. Weekly Roundup: Was Eleanor Catton's victory written in the stars?

    ... will be in the shops on Monday. And to think there are some people who believe publishers can only operate at a snail’s pace … Shame on ... only other Man Booker win – Keri Hulme with The Bone People . During the press conference that followed her win, Catton ...

    Leah - 17.12.18

  7. The Bone People

    By Keri Hulme Published by Hodder & Stoughton  Hodder & Stoughton 1985      

    Molly - 03.01.18

  8. Man Booker books in a bucket

    ... is Jarvis Cocker who penned the Britpop anthem Common People – a term I'm sure he wouldn't dare apply to Mantel or Waters. ...

    Leah - 15.10.18

  9. Weekly Roundup: Failing, Plotting and Casting

    ... wasted whole years writing the wrong things for the wrong people.” Howard Jacobson (winner 2010) trumped them all by starting his ...

    Leah - 24.12.18

  10. A* grade in the Man Booker GCSE

    ... other criticised it. But what the brouhaha has done is make people ask what books they would replace the Steinbeck and the Lee with that ...

    Leah - 24.12.18