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Tom McCarthy - Longlist author interview

Tom McCarthy - Longlist author interview

In the latest in our series of interviews with Man Booker Prize 2015 longlisted authors, we speak to Tom McCarthy author of Satin Island.

What has it been like to be longlisted?

It’s always nice when someone likes your work.

What are you working on next?

A collection of essays. I’m also curating a touring exhibition for the Hayward, called ‘Nothing Will Have Taken Place Except The Place’.

What are you reading at the moment?

The Divine Comedy and Sherlock Holmes stories.

What is your favourite Man Booker-winning novel?

John Banville’s The Sea. It’s the only one I’ve ever read.

Satin Island describes a world of information overload. Are you nostalgic for simpler times?

No. We are mediated - that has always been our condition and our precondition. Humans are side-effects of media. It’s a beautiful and blessed condition; we should embrace it.

Tom McCarthy