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Weekly Roundup: Beyond the Shortlist

Weekly Roundup: Beyond the Shortlist

Among all the comment generated by the shortlist announcement (“We need good prizes as much as we need good books. This time, we have both”, said Anne McElvoyn in the Evening Standard) other Man Booker writers have been in the news too.

Philip Roth, winner of the Man Booker International Prize in 2011, has been in dispute with Wikipedia, which refused to correct a statement in its entry about the inspiration for his novel The Human Stain. In an open letter to the New Yorker Roth says that when he asked the online encyclopedia to correct its "misstatement" that the lead character was based on the writer Anatole Broyard rather than a friend of Roth's he was told that he “was not a credible source” and that even though he was the novel's author, Wikipedia required “secondary sources”. Unreliable narrators are the stuff of fiction but unreliable authors too?

Watch out for reviews of Joseph Anton, due to be published on 18 September. The title of the memoir by Salman Rushdie – whose Midnight's Children won the prize in 1981 as well as The Booker of Bookers in 1993 and The Best of the Booker in 2008 – is the name he chose while under the fatwah and his police protection team asked him to come up with an alias: he chose the first names of two of his favourite writers – Conrad and Chekhov.

Still on names: a useful tip about the 2007 Man Booker Prize winner, courtesy of “How to pronounce Anne Enright's name. Name pronunciation: as it looks: en-right”. Just in case you had ever wondered…