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  1. Weekly Roundup: What does Hilary Mantel have in common with Beyoncé?

    2013 Hilary Mantel roddy doyle Salman RushdiE john banville ... Time magazine as one of the world's 100 most influential people. She is one of only two writers (the other being the short story ...

    Leah - 25.07.16

  2. Arise Dame Hilary

    2014 Hilary Mantel Dame Salman RushdiE anne enright Gerard ... and wore out some shoe leather giving readings and meeting people. That put it back up again.’ So it is rather like a company investing ...

    Leah - 12.10.17

  3. Weekly Roundup: Nina Bawden, author of Carrie's War, dies

    ... part of the panel that picked Keri Hulme 's The Bone People ) and a nominee (in 1987 for Circles of Deceit ). Her novel ... Finally, details are emerging about the TV adaptation of Hilary Mantel ’s 2009 Man Booker Prize-winning novel Wolf Hall and ...

    Natalie - 15.11.17

  4. Mistaking Mantel

    ... interview in the latest edition of  New Statesman   Hilary Mantel  recalls the comic side of last year's Duchess of Cambridge ... our future queen that were taken to be slighting (largely by people who didn't attend the lecture itself or read the transcript). The ...

    Leah - 30.11.17

  5. Weekly Roundup: The Women's Prize for Fiction and books you won't read

    2013 Hilary Mantel Yann MarteL Lydia Davis Sir Christopher Ricks ... published a curious piece listing the top 10 books people buy but don't read. It is an eclectic list that makes no claims to be a ...

    Leah - 26.07.17

  6. Ishiguro channels Clint Eastwood

    ... somebody who belongs to a more violent world. And peaceful people need him when violence is needed, but he’s not really welcome in a ... is West, and never the twain shall meet.’ Hilary Mantel , sorry, Dame Hilary Mantel, has been speaking in Australia ...

    Leah - 12.10.17

  7. Man Booker Weekly Round-Up: Cromwell the musical and non-existent books

    ... written a turkey.   The triumph of Hilary Mantel 's MB winners Wolf Hall and Bring up the Bodies ... What would we do: a nice range in Cromwell poisons? We want people to get the maximum enjoyment from the story as authentically adapted as ...

    Leah - 28.09.17

  8. Is Lydia Davis a poet?

    2014 Hilary Mantel Man Booker Prize Sarah Hall damian lewis ... nothing, or next to nothing. Some kind of flicker or tingle. People don't always like this word but it's done by art. There's some kind of ...

    Leah - 28.12.16

  9. A return to Wolf Hall

    ... candle budget. The corporation is in discussion with Hilary Mantel about filming The Mirror and the Light , the last part of ... a garden, and now I feel I’m doing what a lot of retired people do, and that is taking up writing as a hobby. It sounds like I’m ...

    Leah - 12.10.17

  10. Man Booker winner "on drugs"

    ... Coleridge then it's good enough for the Man Booker pin-up Hilary Mantel . Drugs helped the Romantic poet summon up his vision of Xanadu ... by a displaced soul and comes alive to take revenge on the people who killed those whose parts make up his body. The prize, designed to ...

    Leah - 26.07.17