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21 Aug 2015

Ireland's suspicious novelists

Ireland has the reputation of being, per capita, one of the most literary nations on Earth. The reality, according to Anne Enright, the 2007 Man Booker winner and a longlistee this year, is rather more equivocal. In a recent interview with the former Man Booker judge Alex Clark she noted that: ‘It takes Ireland a while to accept one of its writers, because there’s a very dissenting tradition in Irish writing.

14 Aug 2015

Vlog on to the Man Booker

Books and the microclimate around them used to be such simple things – books made of paper, reviews in national newspapers, high-street bookshops . . . that was pretty much it. Now with ebooks and the internet, bookclubs and online retailing, Twitter and YouTube the wider book world is a very different place.

14 Aug 2015

Introducing The Man Booker Vloggers

This year, the Man Booker Prize will be running its own vlog book club, featuring five popular, literary vloggers in the UK and Canada.

29 Jul 2015

Who saw that coming?

Even by the standards of Man Booker longlists, which have taught followers of literature to expect the unexpected, this year's Man Booker Dozen is, well, unexpected.     

29 Jul 2015

Man Booker Prize announces 2015 longlist

The longlist, or ‘Man Booker Dozen’, for the £50,000 Man Booker Prize is announced today, Wednesday 29 July 2015.

17 Jul 2015

Man Booker on the Big-Screen and Beyond

The countdown is well and truly on for this year’s Man Booker Prize longlist, which will be announced on 29 July.