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15 Jan 2016

What makes a perfect prize?

In a review of D.J. Taylor's impressive survey of a century of British literary life, The Prose Factory, the distinguished critic Stefan Collini briefly addressed the role of prizes in shaping the reading tastes of the public. He's not a huge fan of prizes: ‘They are artificially contrived 'races' which can have only one 'winner' because that’s what generates the coverage necessary to increase the profits of the book trade.’ Well, he's entitled to his opinion even if he dismisses the fact that the Man Booker, for example, brings quality fiction to a huge reading public. Collini went on to suggest: ‘If we really thought they [prizes] were serious exercises in discriminating judgement, we would 1) compose the juries of people with some claim to be good at that activity, 2) ask them to publish an argued case for the merits or demerits of the books they have read, and 3) resist the silly idea that one single book is 'better' than all the others.’ If the professor looked at most serious prize juries, especially the Man Booker, he would see that they are indeed largely composed of people with some claim to literary expertise. If he asked jurors they would tell him that they do indeed tend to keep notes on what they read precisely for those (admittedly unpublished) discussions about ‘merits and demerits’. He might ask them too why after reading say 140 novels some half dozen will invariably appear on all five judges' personal shortlists. What does that betoken other than that some books really are ‘better’ than others?

08 Jan 2016

Marlon James's festive season

Marlon James, the reigning Man Booker laureate, has had a very good festive season. His name cropped up left, right and centre. Whether they had read A Brief History of Seven Killings or have yet to do so, it seems that people like the idea of Marlon James.

18 Dec 2015

And on lead vocals . . .

It is the year of the women at the Man Booker.

14 Dec 2015

2016 Judges announced

The judges of the 2016 Man Booker Prize for Fiction are announced.

11 Dec 2015

Best ever books and Man Booker books

In a fascinating exercise the BBC recently commissioned a poll to discover the best 100 British novels of all time.

27 Nov 2015

Man Booker rehab

DBC Pierre, Man Booker winner in 2003 with Vernon God Little, gives an idea of just what a big deal the prize is in a writer's life.