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Legal information
The Man Booker Prize and the Man Booker International Prize are awarded by Booker Prize Foundation which is an independent charity promoting the art of literature for the public benefit.
Booker Prize Foundation:
Registered Charity Number 1090049
Company Limited by Guarantee in England and Wales
Company Number: 213467
Registered Office : 28 St James's Walk, London EC1R 0AP
A list of trustees (who are the company law directors) is available from the registered office.
Booker Prize Trading Limited:
Booker Prize Foundation is the sole shareholder of Booker Prize trading Limited, a company limited by shares in England and Wales which pays all its profits to Booker Prize Foundation under the Gift Aid Scheme.
Company Number 04394720
Registered Office: 28 St. James's Walk, London EC1R 0AP. 
A list of directors is available from the registered office.