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Ishiguro superhero

While in Sweden to pick up his Nobel Prize for literature, Kazuo Ishiguro, Man Booker winner in 1989

Man Booker Prize 50th...

In 2018, the Man Booker Prize celebrates 50 years of the finest fiction with year-long anniversary

Appiah's novel philosophy

The philosopher Kwame Anthony Appiah has just been announced as the chair of the 2018 Man Booker

Kwame Anthony Appiah to...

Kwame Anthony Appiah
The philosopher, cultural theorist and novelist Kwame Anthony Appiah has been named chair of the

George Saunders's...

George Saunders
One factor in George Saunders's ascent to the very top of the literary tree that has yet to be

Peter Carey's conscience

Peter Carey, one of only four double Man Booker winners (alongside, J.G Farrell, J.M. Coetzee and