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To enter the 2016 Man Booker International Prize please download a submission form here

Further information on the Man Booker International Prizes can be found here.

Submissions for The Man Booker Prize 2015 are now closed.

The 2015 Man Booker Prize was open for entries from Monday 12 January 2015

Deadline for entry forms closed on Friday 6 March 2015

Deadline for finished novels Friday 19 June 2015

If you have any questions regarding submissions please contact Marion Evans:


The Man Booker Prize is awarded annually by the Booker Prize Foundation to the author of the best (in the opinion of the judges) eligible novel.

Each year’s panel of judges is chosen with the advice of the Booker Prize Foundation Advisory Committee, and is appointed by the Booker Prize Foundation.  The prize is administered by the Foundation's Literary Director.

The judges are responsible for compiling a longlist of 12 or 13 books – ‘The Man Booker Dozen’ – and from this a shortlist of 6 books from which they then choose the winner.

Each shortlisted author receives £2,500 and a designer bound copy of his or her novel.

The winning author receives a further £50,000.

The prize may not be divided or withheld.

Note that prior to 2002 the prize was known as the Booker Prize and throughout the rules & entry form a reference to the prize includes, where the context is appropriate, reference to the Booker Prize and the Man Booker Prize


Novels to be considered by the judges can only be submitted by the publishers identified in 1a. below. The number of novels a publisher can submit will depend on that publisher’s inclusion in longlists from 2010 to 2014, as follows:

1 submission - publishers with no longlisting

2 submissions - publishers with 1 or 2 longlisting(s)

3 submissions - publishers with 3 or 4 longlistings

4 submissions - publishers with 5 or more longlistings

All submissions, call-in nominations and judges’ call-ins are made on a confidential basis.



a. Any novel in print or electronic format, written originally in English and published in the UK by an imprint formally established in the UK (see 1b. below), is eligible. The imprint must publish a list of at least two literary fiction novels by different authors each year. These two will not include a novel by the publisher. If the publisher is a company, the two will not include a novel by the person who owns the majority shareholding or otherwise controls the company. 

b. In determining whether the novel is published in the UK by an imprint formally established in the UK the publisher must comply with all of the following:

i.the imprint sells its list in pounds sterling and where sold in print its books are distributed through national UK retail outlets, and

ii.the imprint has its principal place of business in the UK and is subject to UK registration and regulation including the primary liability to pay tax in the UK on all of its trading activities as a publisher, and

iii.that the novel in question is one for which the publisher has been allocated a UK International Standard Book Number, and

iv.the novel is one which must be deposited with the British Library pursuant to the Legal Deposit Library Acts (2003 & 2013) and any regulations relating to these Acts

c. The novel must be published in the UK between 1 October 2014 and 30 September 2015. If it has previously been published outside the UK it will only be eligible if the original date of publication outside the UK is not earlier than 1 October 2012.

d. Every submitted novel must be a unified and substantial work.

e. No English translation of a novel written originally in any other language is eligible.

f. Self published novels are not eligible where the author is the publisher. If the publisher is a company which has been specifically set up to publish the novel in question, and/or the author is the person who owns the majority shareholding or otherwise controls the company, the novel is ineligible.

g. No novel is ineligible because its author has previously won either this prize or any other prize.

h. As long as it otherwise complies with all the rules of the prize, any novel by an author who has previously been shortlisted for the prize may be submitted in addition to, and will not form part of, the publishers’ entry quotas.

i. The author of the novel must be living at the time it is submitted or called in. The novel will only remain eligible for as long as its author is alive through the various stages of the prize up to the time of the announcement of the winner, although this is subject to the discretion of the Literary Director.

j. The decision of the Literary Director as to whether a novel is eligible shall be final and binding. No correspondence will be entered into.




i.Completed entry forms must be received by Four Colman Getty by Friday 6 March 2015. Where print or proof copies are already available, eight copies together with a PDF of the text must be sent at the same time.

ii.Friday 19 June 2015 is the deadline for submitting eight copies of the finished texts, which can be final proofs. If final proofs, eight copies of the finished novel must then be received by Four Colman Getty as soon as they become available.

iii.E-books are accepted on condition that the publisher is prepared, if necessary, to send eight bound print copies to Four Colman Getty. 

iv.At the date of publication of the novel in print (whenever this is) at least 1,000 copies must be available for retail in the UK.

v.The Literary Director, in consultation with the chair of the judges, may reject any revised proof or finished copy which differs substantially or materially from a first submitted proof, and the novel concerned will not be further considered.

vi.By Friday 19 June 2015, in addition to the entry form, publishers must email to Four Colman Getty a high res image of the book jacket, a press release, author biog and photograph.



i.Each imprint may also provide, by Friday 6 March 2015, a list of up to five further eligible novels accompanied by a justification for each novel explaining why it should be considered.

ii.An imprint which only publishes one literary fiction novel a year may provide a justification for that novel as long as the novel is otherwise eligible.

iii.The justification in each case must not exceed 250 words and must be written and signed by the author’s commissioning editor. 

iv.The judges will call in no fewer than eight and no more than 12 from all such nominations they receive.

v.The judges may also call in any novel published between 1 October 2014 and 30 September 2015, even if that novel has not been submitted or nominated for call in by a publisher.  If the publisher agrees that the novel is to be considered then the publisher must sign an undertaking to the effect that the publisher will comply with all the rules of the prize. The novel will not be further considered without this signed undertaking.



If a novel is longlisted its publisher will:

i.where the novel concerned when submitted, or called in, was only available in print format, make the novel available for sale as an ebook within 10 days of the announcement of the longlist; if publication is after the announcement of the longlist, make the novel available for sale as an e-book if it has not already done so.

ii.where the novel concerned when submitted, or called in, was published only as an ebook, have no fewer than 1,000 print copies available for retail sale within 10 days of the announcement of the longlist. If it is published after the announcement of the longlist, then on publication there must be the minimum of 1,000 print copies available for retail sale.

iii.within 14 days of the longlist announcement provide an electronic text version to the RNIB (or, if requested by the Booker Prize Foundation, to any other approved body) for the purposes of producing and distributing on a not-for-profit basis accessible copies to visually impaired persons. (See ** below for an explanation of the terminology in italics)



If a novel is shortlisted its publisher will:

i.contribute £5,000 towards general publicity.

ii.inform rights owners that accessible copies for the visually impaired are being produced and distributed (see ** below)

iii.have two copies of each shortlisted book in folded and collated form ready to be delivered to a bookbinder within 48 hours of the announcement of the shortlist.  If this should prove impossible, Four Colman Getty must be informed immediately.  Four Colman Getty will supply shortlisted publishers with the name and address of the bookbinder to whom the copies must be sent.



            The publisher of the winning novel will contribute a further £5,000 towards general

     **   All the italicised words and phrases used are as defined in the Copyright (Visually Impaired Persons) Act 2002. The Booker Prize Foundation funds the production (currently by the RNIB) of shortlisted books into editions for the visually impaired.