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Utz traces the fortunes of the enigmatic and unconventional hero, Kaspar Utz. Despite the restrictions of Cold War Czechoslovakia, Utz asserts his individuality through his devotion to his precious collection of Meissen porcelain. Although Utz is permitted to leave the country each year, and considers defecting each time, he is not allowed to take his porcelain with him and so he always returns to his Czech home, a prisoner both of the Communist state and of his collection.


About the Author

Bruce Chatwin

Bruce Charles Chatwin was born on May 13, 1940 in Sheffield, Yorkshire.  At the age of 18 he joined Sotheby’s auction house, where he worked until 1966.  He became a writer with The Sunday Times Magazine, but left after five years to concentrate on his own writing.

His work includes What Am I Doing Here? and The Songlines.  His first novel to be published was In Patagonia in 1977.  His novel, Utz, was shortlisted for the Booker Prize. 

Bruce Chatwin died on January 18th 1989, of an aids related illness in Nice, France, at the age of 48.