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Staying On

Staying On

In this sequel to The Raj Quartet, Colonel Tusker and Lucy Smalley stay on in the hills of Pankot after Indian independence deprives them of their colonial status. Finally fed up with accommodating her husband, Lucy claims a degree of independence herself. Eloquent and hilarious, she and Tusker act out class tensions among the British of the Raj and give voice to the loneliness, rage, and stubborn affection in their marriage.

About the Author

Paul Scott

Paul Scott was born in North London in March 1920. During World War 2, he served in India and Malaya (1943-1946) and while there wrote poetry and drama.

After a period of time as a bookkeeper he became a literary agent and published a string of novels concerned with British military figures on duty in foreign lands. He began writing full time in 1960 and completed The Raj Quartet in 1974. In 1977, Staying On, the coda to The Raj Quartet, won the Booker Prize for Fiction and, in 1982, Bailey judged the Booker Prize.

He spent his final years travelling between his London home and the University of Tulsa, Oklahoma where he was a visiting fellow. He died in 1978.

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