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Set in South Yorkshire, this is the story of Colin Saville’s struggle to come to terms with his family - his mercurial, ambitious father, his deep-feeling, long-suffering mother - and to escape the stifling heritage of the raw mining community into which he was born.

About the Author

David Storey

David Storey was born in July 1933 in Wakefield, Yorkshire.

He is a Fellow of University College, London. His plays include The Restoration of Arnold Middleton (1967), The Contractor (1969), Home (1970) and The Changing Room (1972), all of which won the New York Critics Best Play of the Year Award.

His first novel, This Sporting Life, was published in 1960. It won the Macmillan Fiction Award and was adapted as a film starring Richard Harris. His other novels include Flight into Camden (1960), Radcliffe (1963), and Pasmore (1972) which was shortlisted for the Booker Prize in 1972. His seventh novel, Saville (1976), won the Booker Prize in 1976.

David Storey lives in London.

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