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Last Letters from Hav

Last Letters from Hav

In the last months before the events of 1985 which irrevocably altered the character of the place, Jan Morris was commissioned by an American magazine to write a series of letters from Hav. She remained there until the day of the invasion, and this book is the result. It is the first substantial portrait ever drawn of a city which enthralled such literary visitors as Marco Polo, Mark Twain, Tolstoy and D.H. Lawrence, but which remained, thanks to its political and geographical situation, virtually unknown to ordinary travellers.

About the Author

Jan Morris

Jan Morris was born a boy, and spent the first 46 years of her life as James Morris, until she had a sex change operation in Casablanca in 1972.  She is the author of over 30 books, most famously about her travel experiences.  Her work includes Pax Britannica; Conundrum and Last Letters from Hav: Notes from a Lost City which was shortlisted for the Booker Prize.  She received a CBE in 1999.

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