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The Industry of Souls

The Industry of Souls

The Industry of Souls is the story of Alexander Bayliss, a British citizen arrested for spying in the Soviet Union in the early 1950s. Presumed dead by the British Government, he survives 20 years in a Soviet labour camp. Eventually freed from the gulag in the 1970s, he finds he has no reason to return to the West - he has become Russian in everything but birth. He finds his way to the home of his best friend at camp - Kirill. Taken in by Kirill’s childless daughter and her husband he eventually becomes a local schoolmaster - much loved by all the village.


About the Author

Martin Booth

Martin Booth was born in Lancashire in September 1944, spent much of his childhood in Hong Kong.  He has published thirteen novels and five works for children.  His novels include The Humble Disciple (1992) and Industry Of Souls (1998) which was shortlisted for the Booker prize.  He also scripted several wildlife documentaries including David Attenborough’s Wildlife on One.  He died on 12th February 2004.