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The Illusionist

The Illusionist

Simon Magus: idolater, sorcerer, seducer, necromancer, outcast and illusionist. The man who could conjure wild lions, writhing serpents, dazzling birds, pleasure gardens and shining palaces out of thin desert air. The master of the golden handiwork of ancient magic, the man with the powers of a god bound in a hungry body driven by lust and pride. Was he the Deliverer? Or had the Deliverer already died, broken on a cross at Calvary, misunderstood and forgotten by all except a sect of unlettered peasants?

About the Author

Anita Mason

Anita Mason was born in Bristol in 1942, during the middle of World War II. She read English at the University of Oxford, lived in London, and worked in the publishing field for five years. She then settled in Cornwall, where she began writing fiction, building on a base of non-fiction, magazine writing, and newspaper reporting. Her books include The Illusionist (1983) and The Racket (1990), shortlisted for the Fawcett prize 1990. She was a Fellow at Bath Spa University between 1999 and 2002.