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Fire From Heaven

Fire From Heaven

At twenty, when his reign began, Alexander the Great was already a seasoned soldier and a complex, passionate man. Fire From Heaven tells the story of the boy Alexander, and the years that shaped him. Resolute, fearless, and inheriting a striking beauty, Alexander still needed much to make him The Great.

He must survive - though with lifelong scars - the dark furies of his Dionysiac mother, who kept him uncertain even of his own paternity; respect his father’s talent for war and kingcraft, though sickened by his sexual grossness; and come to terms with his heritage from both.

About the Author

Mary Renault

Mary Renault was educated at Clifton High School, Bristol and St Hugh’s College, Oxford.  Having completed nursing training in 1937, she then wrote her first novel, Promise of Love.  Her next three novels were written when she was off-duty whilst serving in the war.  In 1948 she went to live in South Africa but travelled widely.  

It was her trip to Greece and her visits to Corinth, Samos, Crete, Delos, Aegina and other islands, as well as to Athens, Sounion and Marathon, that resulted in her brilliant historical reconstructions of Ancient Greece.

Mary Renault died in 1983.

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