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The Beginning of Spring

The Beginning of Spring

It is March 1913, and dear, slovenly Mother Moscow, her windows still sealed against the cold of winter, is stirring herself to meet the beginning of spring. Change is in the air - uncertainty, too - and nowhere more than at 22 Lipka Street, the home of the English printer Frank Reid. Frank returns home from work one night to find that his wife has gone away; no one knows where or why, or whether she’ll ever come back. All Frank knows for sure is that he is now alone and must find someone to care for his three young children.


About the Author

Penelope Fitzgerald

Penelope Fitzgerald was born in December 1916. She was educated at Somerville College, Oxford and she worked for the BBC during World War II. She started writing at the age of 60 and was the author of nine novels, three of which - The Bookshop in 1978, The Beginning of Spring in 1988 and The Gate of Angels in 1990 - were shortlisted for the Booker Prize. She won the prize in 1979 for Offshore. Penelope Fitzgerald died in April 2000 aged 83.

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