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Dacia Maraini

Dacia Maraini

Dacia Maraini was born in Italy in November 1936.  She has written numerous plays and novels and founded the theatre companies del Porcospino (Porcupine) and Teatro della Maddalena.

The daughter of well-known ethnologist Fosco Maraini, Dacia Maraini spent her early childhood in Japan while her father conducted his research. Due to her parents’ anti-fascist views, the family was interred in a concentration camp during the final years of the Second World War. After their return from Japan, she and her family lived in Sicily, in the ancestral home of her mother, painter Topazia Alliata.  Dacia studied in Palermo, Florence and Rome.

Her first novel, La vacanza (The Vacation) was published in 1962, and the second, L’età del malessere (The Age of Discontent) won the International Formentor Prize in 1963 and has been translated into 12 languages. She has subsequently published eight more novels, several investigative studies, and collections of poetry and essays.

Dacia Maraini lives in Italy.